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It’s Takeshi Yamasaki, who played 25 years in Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball, racking up 403 homers. He’s on a Japanese gameshow here and the pitching machine gets pumped up to 300 kilometers per hour, which translates to roughly 186 miles per hour.

A good laugh.

Nicholas Felton: A Quantified Life 

Mr. Felton, an information designer who used to work at Facebook, has tracked almost every aspect of his life, from the miles he’s walked to the average length of his personal conversations.

Bruce Reidel on Charie Rose - A Must Watch - Link In Prior Post

Prior post is worth watching - my takeaways:

  • Afghan. at critical point over the next 2 years.
  • Saudi Arabia facing major threats from Iran, ISIS, and Arab Spring.
  • Saudi leaders have spent $100bn appeasing population.
  • If Iran gets a nuke — Saudi will get one from Pakistan.
  • Saudi financially props-up Pakistan and Egypt.
  • Pakistan Generals have take $25bn from US (for nothing).
  • Critical for US to support King of Jordan.
  • Qatar playing all sides usually against Saudi.
  • Qatar only Arab nation supporting Hamas (street cred?).
  • Israel / Netanyahu have used a Iran threats to skirt the real issue of Hamas / Palestine.
  • Israel / Netanyahu have been content with status quo and avoided possible 2 state solution.
  • Israel / Netanyahu have had ‘time on their side’ so content with status quo (over past decades).
  • Israel / Netanyahu no longer have ‘time on their side’ given the rapid growing movement of radical Islamic movements like ISIS.

John Oliver on Soccer / FIFA - must watch!

TED Talk - Reggie Watts - fucking around and funny!!

Nate Silver - America’s Best Burrito

FiveThirtyEight (click thru)

Lol - Nate Silver analyzing burrito data…he must be bored and in need of an election.

Caravaggio - A Thug Life.

Fun read (click thru).

Amazing synopsis of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. He lived a complex and furious life mingling with nobles, rivals, pimps, prostitutes, hustlers, knights, and a religious order.

Analogy - Game of Thrones meets Gangster Rap Artist.

Unbelievably cool chalkboard art by — Dangerdust.

Google Dangerdust…pretty cool stuff.

Jim Heckman Professor & Nobel Laureate - addressing the importance of soft-skills in early childhood.

Another fascinating and more in depth discussion can be heard here (click thru). He covers economic inequality, social policy, early education, cognitive and behavioral psychology,

Fascinating stuff and super relevant.

Children of Zion by Reverend Gary Davis (1896 - 1972). He was born blind and led a fascinating life — ordained minister and played gospel, folk and blues.

Rev. Davis was famous, and had many recordings and played many famous venues, he still gave guitar lessons for $5 in his home, which could sometimes last all day and include dinner.

Buffy St. Marie:
“I did a tour with Gary Davis, Paul Simon and Ramblin’ Jack. We did this tour by car. We were driving like heck through these winding roads. Gary Davis couldn’t see the turns, so he’d be flying all over the place. When he finally got out of the car, he kept saying, ‘Free at last. Free at last.’”

Herb Gart:
“Once, Buffy Ste. Marie was touring with Rev. Gary Davis, and the Reverend was spending the entire tour trying to feel her up. Pretending to fall out of the car — whatever he could do.”

Danny Kalb:
"I thought Rev. Gary Davis was absolutely the best American overall guitarist. He’s a total genius. If he had sight he would have been more than a genius."

The Meaning of the Ukrainian Crisis - Discussion with David Satter & Milt Rosenberg.

Click the photo above to link thru.

A Fun Doo Wop — Billy Joel & Jimmy Fallon

Wes Anderson Clips

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